Learn What Makes Kids Kippot’s Kippah Special

We’ve been making kippah for kids for a while now. What started as a small project for the founder’s children has now become a successful venture catering to multiple families in the New York City area. Kids Kippot sells buy kippah online for kids and has now branched out into challah covers and kippah for women as well. 

You may be curious about what makes our kippah special and why parents reach out to us to get these unique and exciting kippah that their kids love wearing. 

Learn more in this blog. 

6 Reasons You Should Buy Kippah From Kids Kippot 

We don’t mean to brag but we’re giving you 6 reasons that make our kippah stand out from other vendors. 

  • Washable 

This was one of the prime concerns of wearing a kippot. If school-going children need to wear a kippot every day, the kippah is going to get dirty and smelly over time. Also, it may fall and get dirty. Hence, making the kippot of a material that’s easily washable both in the machine and by hand was an important choice for us. 

  • Reversible

The reason we chose to make the kippah reversible was so that children could enjoy different designs on one kippot. The reversible kippot can be used on multiple occasions. Children can wear one design in the morning to school and another one when they want to play with their friends at home. 

  • Cotton

Our kippah are made of cotton. This is the easiest and most fuss-free material around. Cotton kippah are light on the head and absorbent. Children won’t feel the material heavily causing them to perspire and scratch their heads. 

  • Superhero Kippots

We make superhero kippots that are beloved by children. Spiderman and Batman are two of our most popular and fast-selling kippah. Children love these superheroes and enjoy wearing superhero-themed kippah. 

  • Customized 

You can also request for customized kippah which we will make for you. You can either order the traditional kippah or the saucer kippah. Pick out two swatches of cloth by yourself and place your request for buy kippah online for kidsChoose a size and you can create a perfectly customized kippah for your little one. 

  • Great Price

We offer you a very good price for the little one’s kippot. You can conveniently order your kippot online. For a customized kippot, Kids Kippot certainly comes at a great price. 

Wrapping Up 

Parents who are eager to make sure their children wear the kippot should try out the traditional kippot which is more convenient than the saucer-shaped kippot. It does not require any kind of clip or pin to stick it to the hair. Invest in one of these and teach your children to enjoy their kippot experience. 

Wearing a kippah is most probably mandatory in some schools in the New York City region. You can conveniently get kippah online for kids just by visiting our website and placing your order for it. We love hearing from you and listening to your stories in the comments.

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