How To Encourage Your Child To Wear A Kippah

Wearing a kippah is part and parcel of Jewish life. Orthodox Jewish families wear the kippah to show respect for their God. It is a way of saying that God is above all and is the final authority on all matters. Even secular Jews wear the kippah during religious ceremonies, weddings, and funerals. Kids should be encouraged to wear the kippah when they are old enough to understand the significance of it. 

Parents are frightened of letting their children wear the kippah because of the anti-Semitic attitude of most people. They are afraid their children might become victims of attacks just because of the kippah. They hide the kippah under a baseball cap or hat. 

If your child is skeptical about wearing the kippah and if you are nervous too about your decision to make them wear the kippah, here are some tips for you. 

Tip 1: Explain to your child why wearing the kippah is important

Children need to understand from their parents why wearing the kippah is an important part of Jewish life. Parents should explain that to them clearly. Wearing a kippah is acknowledging the presence of God over your life at all times. It makes you feel safe, loved, and part of the community. 

Tip 2: Allow your child to pick out kippot for themselves

One of the simple ways to get kids interested in wearing the kippah is to get them to pick out the kippah themselves. Parents can buy kippah online for kids and get their kids to pick something out for themselves. Involving your children in the selection process of the kippah may make them like the head coverings themselves. 

Tip 3: Introduce them to friends who wear the kippot

If you have friends whose children wear the kippot, introduce them to your little one. You can also buy kippah online for kids that show superheroes and much more. Children would possibly react positively to another child wearing a kippah and be tempted to try it for themselves. 

Tip 4: Promise them a treat 

While bribing a child to wear a kippot may seem very underhand, you can try to lure them into wearing a kippot if they seem reluctant to do so. Promise them a treat for wearing the head covering. They’ll associate the head covering with something positive. 

Wrapping Up

You can buy kippah online for kids and ensure that they have a positive experience wearing it. If you are still worried that children may be attacked for wearing the kippah, give them a baseball cap to wear on top of the kippah.

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